Four Million Views

The story of how my friend directed and I edited a short documentary that reached over 4 million views on YouTube.


I texted my friend and the director of the short film we worked on for the company GoFundMe “Have you looked at Bzeek’s video recently?”. It had been nearly three months since we had finished working on the project together. Sammy and his team had shot the project and shipped off a hard drive to me to cut the story together. I happened to be on Facebook and a friend of a friend of mine shared Bzeek’s video… I thought to myself… how did they come across this video?

To my surprise, when I went on YouTube his video was approaching nearly 400K views at the time. Days went by and the number kept climbing… Sammy and I both were more than ecstatic to say the least. Today his story has been seen by more the 4 million people and helped raised nearly $900k for the campaign that was started for Bzeek.


Everything was shot on a Sony FS7 and edited / colored in Final Cut Pro. Typically when I’m editing a doc I start by building the back bone of the story. I look for those statements that really resonate with me personally and make me feel something. We knew when we started the project we didn’t want to make this some promotional video for using GoFundMe, we just focused on telling his story.