My life revolves around telling story after story...

and if you know me sometimes I just want to quit. I don’t though, because deep down I love it. It’s not that I love making’s that I love the human connection. I get to capture these little moments of peoples lives that they will most likely forget and I get to make something of it and share it on the internet for other people to experience. For a brief moment, we get to feel the emotions of strangers and we all get to feel a little more connected and hopefully inspired to keep moving on to the next day.

My motto for my films is “show don’t tell" .

I’m not sure if it’s my motto because it’s likely I heard it from someone else but for now I’ll call it my own. I like to film things as real as possible, feel the feelings someone else is experiencing and get it our there. One of my favorite documentary filmmakers Richard Leacock once said that his favorite films were those that nobody has ever seen. I think there is a lot of truth to that because you get to create them in your own way and you’re not subject to the what the “man” wants. I do though want people to see my films and so I hope you watch them. 

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- Matthew Q. Nelson

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