This year was filled with lots of pre-production meetings, coast to coast flights, and multiple shoots days as I worked with the Sans Serif x Animal Farm Team as the Director / DP on set for this production for Cisco.

I received a call from the Animal Farm team asking me if I was interested in working with them on a documentary style project for Cisco. Naturally I said yes... and over the next several months and many pre-production meetings we landed on a visual direction for the project and started planning for the shoot days in San Jose at the Cisco headquarters.

Some interview and b-roll footage from the production, no audio.

I knew that the story was going to focus on cyber security so I utilized a lot of quadrant framing and shot the interviews using an Eye-Direct during the production. My role was to direct the on set production and work as director of photography. We worked with a great crew in San Jose, California and Raleigh, North Carolina - the crew mentioned to me how helpful it was that I mocked up a lighting and camera diagram prior to production so everyone was on the same page.

Noah the Creative Director for the project and founder of Animal Farm conducted pre-interviews, wrote the scripts, and conducted all the interviews on set. I utilized a Hudson Spider Mozzie Redback using a silver umbrella for the key light for all the interviews and we recorded the dialogue using a Sennhesier 8050 microphone.
The team at Rebel Sun in San Jose designed a rig so I could get the overhead shots of a desk and web camera.
Brandon & I are diving through menus and working on getting a signal out of the Canon C500 MII for the Teradek and client monitors.
Noah ( Left - Creative Director / Founder, Animal Farm ) & David ( Right - Principal, Sans Serif) making sure everything's looking just right on the monitor.
The Animal Farm team handled all the post-production as well and brought me on to color the film.

This production was so much fun to work on and you can read more about the project and see a short cut of film on Sans Serifs website.

A production of Sans Serif x Animal Farm